Noir Stockholm Brand
We are Noir Stockholm. We shape, style and tell stories with hair.

We believe this work is best done when it is done with passion and with perfection. We always strive to do something different, something better. Something new.

When developing the Noir Stockholm hair care brand, we wanted to create the perfect combination of style and care. We decided not to compromise on neither the caring qualities of the products nor their functionality. Our products are based on natures finest raw materials and made in state of the art modern formulas. The result is an exclusive line of uniquely nourishing, lightweight cleansers, conditioners and treatments, as well as highly conditioning, yet exceptionally effective styling products. All products are designed to be combined to create a tailor made hair care routine for every individual need. All products have been extensively tested in the salon, on set and on stage.


Noir Stockholm was founded 2007 by Creative Director Hans Nilsson and Manager Ellen Eriksson.
Hans Nilsson is an internationally well established editorial and celebrity hairstylist. His avant garde hair creations, used in fashion and music shows are often compared to art..

Hair is about motion and flow, texture and glow. Hair is about scent.
There is nothing more sensual and intimate than the hint of beautifully scented hair. Our products are created with premium quality fragrances. Every product has its own unique aura that belong to the same family of warm and sensual tones. Designed to work delicately on their own, as well as together in distinct/special combinations where they build up to a personal and exclusive bouquet. The Noir Stockholm signature scents are inspired by memories and places with great importance to us. Using only fine fragrances gives the products an invigorating and lasting quality. Lasting, yet not the least bit heavy, leaving just a discrete trace of warm and sensual freshness.


To have and to hold. A package is more than what meets the eye. To us, it has not only have to be beautiful, but also functional and environmentally friendly.

The Noir Stockholm package is made from lightweight, recyclable aluminum, PET and environmentally certified paper. The containers are user friendly; the shape of the bottles fit perfectly in the hand, the spray nozzle works smoothly and the lids are easily opened.

Every day we spend hours and hours in the salon working with our products, so the package has to be reliable. But of course, it’s not just about function, after all, we are true aesthetics that value highly the appearance of things; it’s in our DNA. As a tribute to our Scandinavian heritage and the Noir Stockholm way we gave the products a clean and minimalistic design, something that makes them fit beautiful as modern bathroom accessories.

We are often inspired by art therefore some of our products are presented like artists color in aluminium tubes. Every product in the Noir Stockholm line has it’s own story. Stories based on thoughts, visions and emotions, that are sometimes derived from deep personal memories and occasions. Stories we now share like short inspiring messages on each and every package.


Noir Stockholm hair care is based on some of natures finest raw materials. The active key ingredients have been thoroughly hand picked for their well proven caring properties. 

Noir Selected Proteins

Hydrolyzed Protein from silk and wheat increases the hair’s ability to retain water. It adds volume, reduces the hair’s porosity and improves smoothness. Hydrolyzed protein contributes to hair repair through covalent bonding.

– Grand Opening Shampoo
– Grand Opening Conditioner
– Editorial Swirl
– Editors Choice
– Epic Retreat Shampoo
– Epic Retreat Conditioner

Noir Selected Oils

Noir Selected Oils – An exclusive blend of organic oils, selected for their unique composition of natural fatty acids and richness in oil soluble vitamins. Conditioning Camelia Japonica (Tea Seed) Oil, traditionally used in Japaneese skin hair care for hundreds of years, is naturally rich in protective vitamin E. Macadamia Oil is a non-greasy oil, rich in essential fatty acids. It resembles our natural sebum and can rejuvenate, moisturize and strengthen dry hair. Argan oil, is a naturally rejuvenating skin and hair conditioner traditionally used in the Middle East.

– Epic Retreat Shampoo
– Epic Retreat Conditioner
– Epic Treat Treatment Mask

Sea Satin

In the rocky and sandy soil of the Mediterranean coast grows the flowering plants with the family name Chenopodiacea. This wild ancestor of the common beetroot is rich in active compounds used for treating damaged, dull and dry hair. It contributes to the protection of all types of stress known to damage hair; environmental, chemical and mechanical.

– Beach Muse

Aloe Vera

The mucilaginous gel found in the sap of the Aloe Vera leaf is made up of a variety of amino acids, primarily alanine which has a moisturizing effect on both skin and hair.

– Beach Muse
– Editors Choice
– Editorial Swirl

Sea Moss

This red seaweed lives in deep water, submitted to extreme environmental conditions. It is rich in carrageenans, phycocolloids, minerals and trace elements. In period of submersion it can keep its ”marine dew” thanks to its richness in phycocolloids-actions. Sea Moss Extract has a protective film forming effect that gives immediate moisturization, smoothness and comfort.

– Epic Retreat Shampoo
– Epic Retreat Conditioner
– Epic Treat Treatment Mask


A Bio-Algal active ingredient and a natural bioextender. It prevents hair damage by strengthening the hair fibre and can rebuild the hair’s natural look.

– Beach Muse
– Grand Opening Shampoo
– Grand Opening Conditioner

Pinot Noir Grape Seed Extract

From the seeds of the Pinot Noir Grape, grown in the cool, dry climate at high altitude in Switzerland, comes an extract rich in natural procyanidins. This active ingredient is known for its ability to protect against free radicals and oxidative stress.
Procyanidins also protect against the degrading proteins of the hair.

– Beach Muse
– Editorial Swirl
– Editors Choice
– Epic Retreat Shampoo
– Epic Retreat Conditioner
– Epic Treat Treatment Mask
– Grand Opening Shampoo
– Grand Opening Conditioner

Carnauba Wax & Beeswax

Is obtained from the leaves of the Carnauba palm, a plant found only in the northeastern Brazilian states. It is hypoallergenic and emollient, which means it’s rehydrating and creates external layers on both hair and skin, resulting in a softer surface. It also keeps it moist by reducing evaporation. Beeswax contains mostly fatty acids. Together with Carnauba wax it not only leaves a high-gloss finish, but also protects the hair from humidity and air that tend to make hair frizzy. The two waxes thicken hair and make it moldable with a high melting point.

– Paste Poetry

Pro Vitamin B5

Pro vitamin b5 gives hair the perfect surface, by penetrating and keeping it moist from underneath the surface. It has a “filling out” effect that reduces breakage. It smoothens, energizes and brings nutrition and elasticity to the hair.

UV Protection

Hair is often exposed to the sunlight during the whole day. UV rays affect the structure of the hair notably by oxidizing and degrading the proteins of the hair surface. It can get porous, sensitive, damaged with breakage, dryness and discoloring. Note that hair is even more sensitive when wet. By using UV-protection it creates a filter that protects the hair and gives it a longer lifespan.

– Picture Perfect

Heat Protection

Regular use of hot styling tools can cause hair damage and breakage. Heat protection creates a thermal protective shield that lets hair withstand extreme heat, helping hair last longer.

Rice Starch

Rice water is rich in amino acids, which strengthens the hair roots, add volume and still leaves the hair light and healthy. It has also soothing effects on skin.

– Dear Darkness
– Sahara Love Story

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an essential nutrient keeping the whole body healthy. It has been proven to have positive effects such as prevention of hair loss and promoting hair growth by for example increasing blood circulation. It directly conditions the hair, making it more lustrous, shinier, fuller and stronger.

– Grand Ambition


A protein that protects epithelial cells from damage or stress. It is the key structural component of hair and provides the necessary strength and toughness for longer lasting hair with better quality and a natural shine.

– Grand Ambition

Sunflower Seed Extract

helps hair to stay healthy, strong and invulnerable to the external environment.

– Picture Perfect

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