The ocean breathes in rhythmic pulses.

Clashing against stones and sand. Up and down. Back and forth.
Every exhale is a misty breeze that sprinkles lightly.
You can feel it’s alive. Not just because of the obvious movements, but that the actual water is alive.  

All of our products have a back story, a moment of inspiration – an epiphany if you will. Beach Muse is no exception.

Our founders Ellen Eriksson and Hans Nilsson, was on a boat just outside of Capri. On that same boat, two Australian girls had just emerged from the emerald water and sat in the sun to dry off. Their hair, long and sun kissed, looked typically ‘surfer-girl’; Perfect in an imperfect way.

But most of all – it looked healthy. Unbelievably healthy.

Almost like the ocean had blown its breath into their locks and rejuvenated them with some kind of primal marine magic.

Hans and Ellen sat there in awe, stuck by the notion of what incredible properties the sea minerals must have, and what they do to your hair. They both knew that they wanted to create something with this in mind. A new product that was caring, would add volume and that dreamy, beachy texture. But it wouldn’t be a salt water spray as the downside of that is often crispy, flaky hair. They would rather call it a “Sea Mineral Spray”.

And so began the search for the perfect ingredients that would stand up to the test of all of the stated criteria. (Not an unfamiliar challenge for us as all Noir Stockholm’s products are created from somewhat… well, challenging ideas.)
But alas, a product transpired that was packed with active ingredients like Rhodophyceae– a bio-algal and a natural bio extender that can prevent hair damage,

 Sea satin– derived from a flowering plant rich in active compounds used for treating damaged, dull and dry hair and Aloe Vera– rich in amino acids, primarily alanine which has a moisturising effect on hair.

"A product that makes you look perfectly done in a perfectly undone way:

Beach Muse."


Author Sara Steele / Category Hair care & Fashion / Published: Nov-21-2019

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