When hair becomes an obvious part of a whole – that part that connects your look with your personality, when it is allowed to claim its place without being overpowering, when balance befalls – that’s how it is with Robin.

That a look can be so simple, and yet so powerfully characteristic, might be just because Robin is both a dancer and a director and has a constant movement and energy around him


The hair is cut with a knife to give it a more sported and layed back feeling. If it had been too placed and perfect, it wouldn’t have felt right on him.

After the cut, we applied Essential leave-in conditioner to give the hair care and strength, and then we followed up with Poem Of A Swirl – curl cream. We let the hair self dry to give it a soft and “un-touched” look.



Author Sara Steele / Category Hair care & Fashion / Published: Nov-21-2019

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