Angel dust, softly framed yet with a strong featured attitude. Still keeping the longing feeling but adding a personal expression through the look by adding the framing around the eyes.

Starting the look by washing the hair using Grand Opening Shampoo. Continue with Epic Treat Deep Conditioning Mask to add more moisture and finish the the treatment by adding Grand Opening Conditioner.

Spray Essential Leave in Conditioner through the whole length of the hair.
Section the hair using the NOIR STOCKHOLM Sectioning Sticks.
Extra focus on the fringe section, using the blade to create a soft movable texture to create separation in the hair, using long soft strokes in the perimeter for extra softness.

Apply Marvelous Blow Out Cream for control and lustre, Grand Ambition for volume, use a brush and a large round brush to create soft movement, once the hair is almost dry spin the hair gently round you fingers and add hot air from the blow drier let the har gently cool down.

Add Dear Darkness for more movement and texture section by section and manage through the roots gently.

Finish the look with No80. Softly define the movement and softly fixate with Picture perfect.

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