Soft Edges. Classic Solid Feel.

Classic feel with a soft touch, we sometime get hung up on the big changes and transformations. However when we look at what we do on an everyday basis there's a lot of work we can elevate just from a simple idea or technique.

By adding the blade to a solid shape we can add smoothness to and light movement and see the hair move in a new way, the soft perimeter gives the hair more movement, and fluidity, the shape has it own solid touch and are giving an lustrus finish and an exclusive touch.


Step 1. Consultation.
Looking at the length and texture, how we can work with to create more lift but yet create a solid touch and add more suitability and customized feeling for Alice features.

Step 2. Shampoo and conditioner.
Start with Epic Retreat Shampoo and shampoo two times then Epic Treat Deep conditioning Mask to give full nourishment and moisture to the hair finish with Epic Retreat conditioner to seal all the nourishment to the hair.

Step 3. Sectioning.
The section is placed to support the shape we are creating, the placement work as our roadmap, it makes the process forward easier for us to work the haircut step by step forward. Start by adding Essential Leave in Conditioner for control, smoothness and added heat protection for the coming treatment of the hair.

Step 4.
Cutting, using the blade to create a soft smooth perimeter for a lighter movement when the hair moves and helps the styling a lot since there its thick and plenty of hair. Working the section through the perimeter more horizontal with a slight roundness toward the front.

Using a medium long stroke with blade to create a soft line. Working with the natural fall in the front in soft maner to open up around the face, the layering is done by elevation the hair high and adding length to the blade stroke to create more softness and light volume.

Step 5. Styling
Spray Essential Leave in Conditioner then apply Marvelous through the whole hair and spray Grand Ambition through the root and into the length. Section of the hair into the blowdrying section, use a large round brush and blow-dry smooth with a light long curve, then iron in the same movement a soft movement in the front is added by moving the hand away from the face in the movement with the iron. Once the whole hair is blow-dried and ironed use a narrow styling brush for separation and airiness in the texture,


Step 6. Finish.
Brush the hair backwards and away from the face, then add small amount af Editors Choice to the palms and then gently work through the hair, spray Picture Perfect on the surface of the hair, let the hair drop forward by flipping the hair gently through the palms forward over the shoulders and place the hair after the movement created, then finish with Picture Perfect.

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