Solid shape gives us the grounded feeling, the weight gives us the feeling of the stability. The soft outlines and broken edges gives the touch of airiness and attitude.


Using Epic Retreat shampoo and conditioner to re-moisture the length of the hair.


Start by prepping the hair using Essential leave in conditioner, then

build the shape section by section. Approach the hair more from a sculpturer's way, using the blade to sculpt and shape and to create more air in the perimeter.


By framing the face we enhance the eyes and the cheekbones, giving the face more strength.


Constantly move and watch the hair and how it reacts to the sculpting and texturizing. This gives us the info on how to move forward and apply the products.


Apply Poem of a Swirl in the whole length working the hair through a wide teethed comb section by section. Continue by moulding and shaping the hair with the fingers – this creates a soft and slightly undone movement to the hair.


Diffuse the hair on slow tempo and mid heat using a diffuser bag. Once the hair starts to dry we change to the diffuser and use a higher tempo on the dryer. Once the hair is dry start blow dry lightly into the length to create a loose texture.


Finish by moulding the hair with Editors Choice for definition and luster, last touches with Picture Perfect


The hair is the ultimate accessory, add it as your statement, wear it like you don’t care!


The hair is the ultimate accessory, add it as your statement, wear it like you don't care


Author Sara Steele / Category Hair care & Fashion / Published: Sep-02-2020