Over the course of two exhilarating days, attendees were treated to an event of creativity, innovation and the development & story behind the products. The focal point was the presentation of hair cuts and stylings, showcasing not only the technical skills of our talented team but also the way our products aid in the creative process and the result.

In addition to the remarkable showcase of hairstyling, the event delved deep into the world of transformative power in hair design. Attendees were not only presented with a visual treat but also got to witness the launch of our new Balancing Scalp Shampoo and Conditioner. Sothing Symphony.



The grand finale of this two-day experience was a highly interactive and successful workshop. This workshop not only provided valuable insights into the art of hairstyling but also placed our guests in the spotlight, enabling them to learn, experiment, and gain hands-on experience in the world of hair. All of which was documented in a photoshoot.

[Click to see the workshop]

It was a remarkable opportunity for everyone attending to immerse themselves in the creative process and hopefully leave with a new appreciation for the artistry behind it.  


In essence, the live NOIR STOCKHOLM event of the year was more than just a gathering of talent; it was a celebration of the art of hairstyling and the boundless creativity that can be unleashed in the world of hair and fashion. The event's finale left all in attendance not only inspired but also eager to embrace the new possibilities.

We can't show enough our appreciation to the NOIR STOCKHOLM community. We have over the years built a passionate and loyal following and for that we are forever greatful. Looking forward to see you all next year.