What is a hair up? Not in the literall sence, but more as a concept. A hair up is designed to match, lift and support the outfit, the dress or the look for a particular occasion.

When designing a hair up there aren't any rules. You can work with the look in the obvious style or work in contrast to the look. Why we want to lift this as a concept is because we see a stagnation in the industry and the bad reputation surrounding the word. We also see that the hair ups often has a dated feeling compared to the outfit. This is where we believe we can make a change together; To give clients stronger, cooler and more suitable looks that supports the personal expression and the unity of the look for that particular occasion.

The simplicity of a middle parting and a ponytail or a chignon to a tuxedo or messy beachy bun to a summer dress.

By developing and adding looks to our way of working with hair ups we hope to give you more ideas and inspiration when tending to the client's needs.

We always talk about that the hair being the ultimate accessory and this is truly something we believe in. When it comes to hair ups its definitely true and you have a great opportunity to add the tailor made accessory for the look for the occasion.

By using pre-done hair pieces and planning these looks ahead the craft can be fast and simple. So there is time and less pressure to gain. We use extra hair, pre-done braids or just small pre-coloured pieces to add more details to the looks. Once you get into this way of working and approaching a concept it is easier to promote and adds to your list of services.

Remember that less is more but always keep in mind that sometimes more is more, it all comes down to the person and purpose of the look.

The key is in the consultation; asking questions about the outfit, the event, and mostly how does your client want to express themselves at the event, gala or party.

HAIR UP with braids

Watch our video when work-shopping around the concept of hair up with Sofi. A study in colours, architechture and positivity. Click to read more.

HAIR UP Pink architecture

Watch our video when work-shopping around the concept of hair up with Nicole. Braids braids braids; the playful, pattern giving and endlessly creative braids! Click to read more.

HAIR UP Gallery

Here's a collection of our Hair ups. A great source of inspiration for professionals in the industry.
Click to read more.