Texture the texture

Texture the texture


When the shape intertwine with the texture it’s up to you to build the the shape then add the texture or the surface for the shape. For this haircut on Joanne we wanted to ad more texture and separation to get mor three demential feel to the hair and move away from the compact touch.

Always look at how the texture is changing when you are working and look for the effect you want, start slow and add more depth step bu step.

A playful rhythm, their vibrant spirit to show. The strands, like ribbons, in the breeze they glide, Bouncy and lively, they defy gravity's hold, Springing with joy, their stories unfold. Embracing their natural form, they proclaim, "We are untamed wonders, no two the same."

From tight coils to loose waves, a blend so fine. Soft as a cloud, yet with fire in their gaze, They dance like sunlight's golden rays. A testament to nature's art that never dies. So let it sway, let it move with delight, For within those wild curls, stories ignite.